TNL AI-Embedded Robotics Inc. (TNLAIER) was founded in 2021 to operate in the domain of AI-Embedded Robotics and Automation.

TNLAIER conducts business in collaboration with established and start-up businesses that want to embed AI in their products. TNLAIER is a partner in each of those businesses.

TNLAIER also conducts independent R&D in AI-Embedded Robotics.

Currently TNLAIER is leading and managing a consortium of four companies as a multi-sector business operation including all aspects of technology and product development, intellectual property protection, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

The sectors TNLAIER is currently involved in are very diversified: Agriculture, Home Care, Property Security, and Manufacturing. Additional sectors will be incorporated in the TNLAIER operation in the future.

The four companies involved in the consortium are: Agriculture – Eco Robotics Inc.; Home Care - Cenith Energy Corporation; Property Security - FourD Robotics Corporation; and Manufacturing - Polygon Technologies Inc.

Each consortium’s company independently generates its line of products for commercialization.

TNLAIER role in the consortium is to: (i) manage, lead, monitor and have a seat on each company’s board of directors and management; (ii) guide and participate in technology developments related to AI-Embedded Robotics; (iii) support product and industrial design; and (iv) facilitate national and international marketing and sales networking.

TNLAIER will manage the consortium’s business development to ensure attaining the expected revenue and profit margins on annual basis.

TNLAIER consortium of companies is aiming to launch the 1st set of products on or before March 2025.


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